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“Chiew Larn Lake and 5 Things to do that prove happiness is simple” Besides the highlighted activities you could find them elsewhere on the internet, why don’t you try these things while traveling, especially at one of the greatest places in Thailand for true relaxation, Ratchaprapa Dam or Chiew Larn Lake, 50-minute drive from Surat Thani Airport. [/vc_column_text]


Switch to the Flight mode

Even it is not in flight, to get away from mobile notifications allows you to experience the place and most of all yourself. Be with yourself, your loved ones who is joining the trip.

See the first light

Wonderful feeling of waking up while it is dark and waiting for the sunrise is incomparable. The starry sky quickly turns its color to navy blue or so-called twilight and follows by the stunning sight of the sun on the Eastern sky

Draw mountains and clouds

Free your mind and use your imagination. At Chiew Larn Lake, you will find yourself surrounded by beautiful mountains, quirky looking clouds and clear waters. Doing nothing is also recommended.

Explore by kayaking

Get a kayak out and exploring the area. Don’t forget your buddy and life jacket for this one. Wild animals like gibbons, boar, Hornbills can be seen, paddle quietly near the shoreline.

Get soaked by the sun

Take a boat trip in the morning and enjoy the sun and the clean air. Sit still on the boat, focus on your breath, and notice the surrounding. This gives freshness to your mind and body.                                                                                             ——–Have a happy lake trip.——–