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New Amezing Unseen in Phang Nga ( Travel Thailand )

Do you think how many places in this world you can get the real natural on both day and night. Today I please for nature lovers with bringing you to new unseen in Phang Nga. That is “Samet Nangshe” which is a view point that a villager found.

It’s located on Ban Samet Nangshe Khlong Khian Sub-District Takua Thung District Phang Nga Province. Many people may suspect like me why them called Samet Nangshe. In South Thai language “Samet” or “met” means pick up the cloth then Nangshe means nun. In the past around here had some tide when monks or nuns walked past, they must pick up their cloth for not getting wet. And this is why they called Samet Nangshe. Alright I really bring you to Samet Nangshe. Our destination far from main road about 13 kilometers. Do you think is it so far? Yes, I think so too but along the way you will see actually natural scenery


Not for long time I arrive at the parking lot and go straight to buy tickets. The view point far from parking lot around 300 meters. You cannot drive any vehicles, just only walking that you can do. Along the way you go, you may feel hot and exhausted. But when you get the first view point, I really sure you can’t say anything because it’s really beautiful. During the day you will see a widely Phang Nga Bay scenery.

In the same way on the night after you put up your tent, you will see the Milky Way, get a cool breeze and quietly sleep with constellations. On the early morning you can see the sun rise in Phang Nga Bay. You can rent a tent at ticket office (next to the parking lot). If you don’t like a tent, in the second view point there are jungle resort for support visitors.

Furthermore there are many native restaurants for supporting you too. So when you want to go there you can call 081 894 1152.

Finally I want to tell you that you never know how beautiful it is. If you don’t come out of your point and bring yourself to the new places, you will never know “life inspiration”.

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Moo Moo Cabaret Show & Bar

Moo Moo Cabaret Show & Bar is located on Bang Niang Beach, Khao Lak District, Phang Nga Province and is one of the famous cabaret bars in Khao Lak. You can enjoy laughing with the show while sipping on a beer. This bar opens on 1st October until 30th April and shows be on stage every day at 21.30 p.m. It’s perfectly to start the night at here








Surfing in Paradise at Khao Lak ,Phang Nga
Get a difference taste of life with sound of water and white sand during summer in Khao Lak ,Phang Nga. Today our destination is on Pakarung Beach in Khao Lak and close to Khao lak Elephant Camp. If you don’t get there by your car, you can rent a motorcycle neither nor take a minibus to get there. I recommend, please drive slowly because along the way there are some rocks and sand, and try to notice the sign for fallowing. This way is a lot of visitors so don’t worry. Take your body and mind to face fun.




“Blue sky White sand Clear water and Releasing sea turtle” Today I’ll bring you to know “Sea Turtle Release Festival” of Phang Nga at Thai Mueang Beach. The festival was happened because the villagers are aware of the important of coast and sea turtles also they want to cultivate good moral traits to others or young people. The question is Do they celebrate only Thai Mueang Beach? Yes, they do because there are 4 types of sea turtle coming to spawn here including Hawksbill sea turtle, Green turtle, Leatherback turtle and Olive Ridley sea turtle. With the released sea turtles come from a Coastal Fisheries Research and Development Center. Also this festival is on March. Along the activities, in the morning there are several parades from schools and villagers as well as there are exhibitions for giving information to visitors, live music show and several local shops for shopping. Furthermore the visitors can root to be a one of lucky person to release a sea turtle free. When the time arrive a lot of people come to the beach for releasing the sea turtles. Also the atmosphere is full of happiness, fun and complacency. When we return something to the natural, they will return to you too like the high light after releasing sea turtles. People will watch the sunset together and the fishers sail the fishing boats which decorated with many light bulbs that can build warm atmosphere in the same time.